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We spend much of our lives indoors, often in environments that lack fresh, clean air. And, while many of today’s modern buildings are designed to be airtight to improve energy efficiency, a lack of fresh air can cause a build-up of humidity and bacteria.

Ventilation systems offer a range of benefits; they can eliminate stale air, improve work productivity, improve people’s health and well-being and make for a far healthier home or work environment.

Creating the perfect indoor climate

As a Daikin business partner, Allstar Air Conditioning can provide a variety of different ventilation solutions for both residential properties or commercial buildings.  We supply and install small energy recovery ventilation systems through to large-scale air handling units that provide fresh air ventilation to large space such as hospitals or large open plan offices.

Daikin’s ventilation technology is highly energy efficient, and can be seamlessly integrated in to a total heat pump solution, reducing many individual systems down to one complete heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) solution. They can also be installed independently or retrofitted to your existing air conditioning system.

Choosing the right ventilation solution

To ensure that you enjoy the right benefits of a ventilation system, Allstar will carry out a comprehensive survey before recommending the ideal solution. The most popular solutions include:

  • Ventilation: Provides clean, fresh air
  • Energy recovery: Recovers heat and moisture from outgoing air to maximise comfort and efficiency, with energy recovery of up to 92%, reducing running costs
  • Air processing: heats or cools incoming fresh air to maximise comfort and minimise the load on the air conditioning system
  • Humidification: optimises the balance of air humidity
  • Filtration: removes dust, pollution and odours from the air

If you require any further information about the benefits and cost-savings that can be achieved from a ventilation system, please do get in touch.

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