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London’s high streets and shopping centres are visited by millions of people every year. Customers may be regular visitors from local areas, or tourists from all over the world.


It’s often said that if customers are physically comfortable when shopping, they will spend more, so providing a positive in-store experience is vital.


Year-round customer comfort


Modern air conditioning and ventilation systems will not only help you to increase sales, they can also help to significantly reduce your energy bills.  Energy efficient air conditioning provides heating as well as cooling, whereas fresh air ventilation purifies stale air and eliminates any harmful emission that can enter from the high street.


Door curtains are another great way to control indoor temperatures as they prevent heat or cooling loss. When it’s steamy hot outside, customers will straight away appreciate the cool air in-store. Likewise, on a cold or blustery day, the warmth of a cosy store will provide welcome relief for customers and encourage them to say and spend more.


Choosing the right air conditioning for shops


As Daikin specialists, we have installed comfort climate control solutions in a wide variety of retail outlets all over London.  Daikin solutions are recognised as among the most efficient and reliable in the world and can be applied to both small, large and multi-complex facilities.


As an All Star customer you will benefit from:


World leading Daikin technology
Initial site survey and FREE QUOTATION
A choice of discreet, stylish solutions, calculated to deliver optimum efficiency
A range of smart control solutions for added efficiency
Non-intrusive installation, out of hours if required
Fully qualified F-Gas registered engineers
Extended warranty through our Daikin D1 Partnership
A wide choice of service and maintenance options to keep your system fully optimised


Most of all, your customers will always feel comfortable when in your store, helping to increase sales and return visits.


To book your initial SITE SURVEY, contact us today on 020 3519 1340.


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