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Service and Maintenance


Servicing and maintaining your air conditioning system is absolutely essential to ensure the well-being and safety of those in the vicinity of the equipment. A well maintained system will run efficiently for many years, whereas a poorly maintained air conditioning system carries many risks including:


Safety – faulty electrical parts and leaking refrigerants can pose a significant health risk and could lead to prosecution


Efficiency – worn parts not only increase the risk of breakdown, they also lower the running efficiency, therefore increasing your energy bills


Health – if filters are dirty or clogged the system may be emitting more bacteria than fresh air, causing a health risk to occupants.


Compliance – depending on the size of your system, if you don’t have a regular maintenance plan you may be break the law. Systems that are 12kW or more MUST have a 3 yearly inspection or risk a significant fine.


These are just a few of the risks that a badly maintained air conditioning system carries so it makes sense to protect yourself and other occupants by having an annual maintenance plan.


Early warning signs


If you haven’t had your air conditioning system serviced during the last year, it’s worth looking out for some warning signs that could cause issues with performance or even mechanical breakdown. Early signs include:

  • Dirty ceiling marks or an accumulation of dust around louvres
  • Moisture or water leaking from the indoor unit
  • The system takes a long time to reach set temperatures
  • Unusual sounds when the system is running
  • Higher than usual energy bills

Our air conditioning service and maintenance plans are tailored to suit your equipment and your needs. To find out more about your options, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 020 3519 1340.

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