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Getting the climate just right in schools and educational centres can significantly improve student and teaching performance, and cut your energy costs.


Air conditioning allows you to set an ideal ambient temperature in classrooms, lecture halls, cafeterias, recreation rooms, libraries, computer centres and staff rooms.  Simple to use controls allow you to set heating or cooling temperatures that are ideal for each area of your school, keeping students alert throughout the day.

You can even control your entire system via a secure internet browser or smart phone access, giving you the flexibility to manage your system from anywhere.

A healthier learning environment


We all know how quickly coughs and colds can spread in schools, and with so many busy young students, bacteria can spread rapidly. 


Air conditioning filters the air as it passed through the system, delivering cleaner, fresher air to students and staff.


In addition to air conditioning, fresh air ventilation is also ideal for schools. Adding fresh air ventilation can further improve the internal air quality, particularly when the building has sealed windows.  Classrooms can receive ventilated with fresh air through heat recovery or air handling units (AHU’s). These units basically take in the stale, dirty air and then re-conditions it to deliver clean fresh air.  This helps to reduce coughs, colds and other bacteria related ailments and significantly cut energy bills too

Contemporary, efficient and quiet


As Daikin specialists, All Star Air Conditioning can provide your school or education centre with the very latest in low energy, low cost climate control solutions.  Daikin indoor air conditioning solutions are available in a wide range of ultra-modern designs and colours which are simple to control and whisper quiet. 


Our modern ceiling cassettes will deliver airflow in a variety of directions, without causing discomfort from draughts.  Recessed grilles are an alternative to ceiling cassettes, allowing the air to flow across a wide area, or they can be placed at floor level.  Wall or floor standing units are ideal for smaller areas or where ceiling access is more difficult.


Alternatively a ducted system can be retrofitted in to your existing building to deliver heating and cooling to multiple classrooms via discrete air vents.


Long-term warranties as standard


As a Daikin D1 Partner, we are able to offer our customers extended warranties on all air conditioning and ventilation solutions, giving you long-term peace of mind. 


If you’re looking to improve student results, create a healthier learning environment and save money too, then call All Star Air Conditioning today to arrange for a initial survey and FREE quotation. Call 020 3519 1340 or please complete the adjacent form.