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Providing the perfect ambience for diners is a must for restaurant owners. Air conditioning will not only keep your customers comfortable, it will remove stale food odours and provide clean fresh air.


Air conditioning is also important for your staff too as they will occupy the space for long periods of time.  Air conditioning will help to keep the internal air clean and fresh, helping to keep energy levels high.


Choosing the right air conditioning for your restaurant


As Daikin specialists, we have installed comfort climate control solutions in a wide variety of restaurants and eateries all over London.  Daikin solutions are recognised as among the most efficient and reliable in the world and can be applied to both small and intimate restaurants or large restaurant chains.


As well as designing air conditioning solutions for restaurants, we can also design solutions that provide hot water and fresh air ventilation, which is particularly ideal for kitchens and places where many occupants come and go.  Fresh air ventilation helps to eliminate odours and bacteria, ensuring that your staff and customers stay healthy.


Our designs take into consideration the different sizes of rooms, the location of tables and people (to ensure that there are no draughts), and additional spaces such as kitchens or toilet facilities.   Control systems are also considered to ensure that heating or cooling in each area can be controlled individually, or set to an ambient temperature so that occupants are comfortable.

Further, new smart technology allows you to control your restaurant air conditioning system via the internet, giving you a real time view and management of energy use.


Stylish, discrete, quiet


Our Daikin indoor air conditioning solutions are available in a wide range of ultra-modern designs and colours. 


Our modern ceiling cassettes will deliver airflow in a variety of directions, without causing discomfort from draughts.  Recessed grilles are an alternative to ceiling cassettes, allowing the air to flow across a wide area, or they can be placed at floor level.


All of our indoor units offer optimum energy efficiency and easy to use controls.


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