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Adding air conditioning and fresh air ventilation to your London office will improve the health and productivity of occupants, and reduces energy bills and carbon emissions.

Whether you manage a small office or an entire office building, All Star Air Conditioning can supply, install and maintain a Daikin system that will provide energy efficient cooling, heating and/or hot water. Our systems come with long warranties too, so you’ll be both comfortable and protected.

Choosing the right air conditioning for your office

As Daikin specialists, we have installed comfort climate control solutions in a wide variety of offices all over London.  Daikin solutions are recognised as among the most efficient and reliable in the world and can be applied to both small, large and multi-complex facilities.

Our engineers will carry out a initial survey to calculate the areas that require heating and cooling. We will then design a solution that provides clean, fresh airflow to each room or area.

The design takes into consideration the different sizes of rooms or floor spaces, the location of desks and people (to ensure that there are no draughts), and additional spaces such as kitchens or meeting rooms.   Control systems are also considered to ensure that heating or cooling in each area can be controlled individually, or set to an ambient temperature so that occupants are comfortable. Further, new smart technology allows you to control your office climate control system via the internet, giving you real time view and management of energy use throughout the building.

Energy saving technology

Daikin solutions can also come with ‘sensor’ technology that will detect when there has been no movement in an area and automatically turn off or turn down the heating or cooling.  This can save huge amounts of energy and money, particularly if you have multiple offices and meeting rooms.

Stylish, discrete, quiet

Our Daikin indoor air conditioning solutions are available in a wide range of ultra-modern designs and colours. 

Our modern ceiling cassettes will deliver airflow in a variety of directions, without causing discomfort from draughts.  Recessed grilles are an alternative to ceiling cassettes, allowing the air to flow across a wide area, or they can be placed at floor level.

All of our indoor units offer optimum energy efficiency and easy to uses controls.

Fresh Air Ventilation

Adding fresh air ventilation to commercial offices can further improve the internal air quality, particularly when the building has sealed windows. Office spaces can be ventilated with fresh air through heat recovery or air handling units (AHU’s). These units basically take in the state air and re-condition it to deliver clean fresh air.  This helps to reduce coughs, colds and other bacteria related ailments and significantly cut energy bills too.

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