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Mechanical Ventilation & Heat Recovery (MVHR)




Thanks to stringent building regulations, new residential buildings are now well-insulated. A well-insulated property helps to minimise heat loss by preventing warm air from escaping, keeping the interior dry, warm and comfortable. Insulation also reduces reliance on domestic heating appliances to maintain a comfortable indoor environment, which in turn lowers energy bills.



Whilst there are clear advantages in insulating properties, the building also needs to be able to breathe. Humid and stale air needs to be removed to create a comfortable environment. According to BEAMA, around 65% of homes in the UK suffer from poor air quality including a toxic mix of mould, condensation and certain cleaning and building products. Residents affected by poor indoor quality can suffer from skin irritation, asthma, breathing difficulties and heart disease.



However the answer is at hand. By employing a centralised ventilation system with heart recovery (CHRV), indoor air quality can be significantly improved. Allstar Ventilation specialise in  residential ventilation solutions. As a specialist indoor air quality company we can advise and assist with a range of innovative solutions, providing a one stop-shop solution for the complete installation including accessories.



Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) is a continuous source of ventilation that extracts stale, moisture-laden air from a building and resupplies fresh, filtered air back in, resulting in a comfortable and condensation free environment all year round.



The centralised heat recovery ventilation system is ideal for 

installation in an energy-neutral home of the future. The automatic calibration and integrated two-zone control with demand control ensure ultra-quiet, intelligent and energy-saving operation.


Premium features included on some systems allow the airflow to be regulated to areas where it is most needed. Sensors meticulously detect the residents movement throughout



Ventilation Specification and Design Services


Our team of professionals will be able to advise you on the available options based on your requirements. Since we offer both mechanical and electrical services we are ideally placed to help plan out the best installation for the system as a whole. The earlier we are consulted in the design stage of the project the better, as planning out duct runs and drops will be vital. Is it very important to keep ducting runs as short as possible and centralise the main heat recovery ventilation system (MVHR) to avoid noise levels.   


Specification Drawings


We can get these drawn up on your existing AutoCAD or similar drawings – These drawings are vital for the communication between the design team and builders on site. A picture speaks a thousand words and without the correct drawings it is likely that someone will make a mistake that affects the installation.


Installation Service


As part of the 2010 revision of the Building Regulations for England and Wales it became necessary for domestic ventilation to be “notifiable work” as part of the Approved Document Part F


This means that all MVHR installation work must now be commissioned by a suitably qualified person trained and registered with BPEC


Although self-installations are perfectly feasible, it is worth bearing in mind that when fitting systems 1-4 specified in Part F of the building regulations it is recommended that these are carried out by a BPE accredited engineer which will also improve your SAP rating.


Its purpose is to support and assist the installers and get the installation off to a flying start!


Commissioning Services


Our commissioning service involves a member of our technical team attending your site to set up and commission our ventilation system and offer full user guide instruction. The purpose is to adjust and commission the system and ensure the operation/maintenance is fully understood.


Annual Maintenance


Filters get clogged up and need to be replaced on an annual basis as a clogged filter can reduce airflow. Give your heat recovery unit an annual service to ensure your system is set up correctly and working to its full potential.