AllStar – Air Conditioning – London

Design and Planning


The design and planning stage of your air conditioning installation is a key part of the project.  All Star Air Conditioning will carry out a detailed survey before specifying the most efficient equipment required.


Before we begin to specify the equipment required, we will undertake a full evaluation of the space and any particular requirements or restrictions.  We will calculate the size of the space, how many people occupy it, current ventilation, e.g. windows and doors, and any other heat sources in the room.  Domestic customers can provide their details on our online quoting system, whereas with commercial properties, we will undertake a full building survey.


Depending on the complexity of the project, we will provide a design or schematics that show where equipment will be located, including any relevant ducting and electrical works.


Our designs and plans are carried out by qualified engineers who will calculate and map all systems. We will then arrange for the supply and installation of your equipment at a time and date convenient to you.


For more detailed information about design and planning, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 020 3519 1340 or email us at

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